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Beauty Cabinet: Drunk Elephant’s Tiffany Masterson Divulges Her Fuss-Free Skincare Routine

It's a whole lot simpler than you might have expected it to be. Take it from Masterson, easy does it!

When we’re talking skincare, there’s no one formula that is a shoo-in for all. Sure, knowing your skin type will bring you a step closer to the winning combination but it’s still very much a journey getting there. It’s a process of trial and error that can really take years to perfect. Effortless beauty, in actuality, requires a whole lotta effort.

Whether you’re knee-deep into trying to put the puzzles of a beauty regime together or in the infancy of cracking your skincare code, taking notes from adept industry insiders is one way to step closer to your skin goals. If there’s one to trust in this arena, we’d count on Drunk Elephant’s Tiffany Masterson without a smidge of doubt. Who better to ask than the woman behind a lauded skincare range that has gotten the thumbs up from legions of beauty aficionados across the world?

Since its launch in 2013, Drunk Elephant has gone on to amass a cult-following – we count ourselves amongst the numbers. We have an entire list of favourites from their skincare range and you bet we squealed in delight when we heard about the hair and body ranges that followed.

Before developing Drunk Elephant, Masterson too once had skin woes that stood in between her and the flawless skin of every girl’s dreams. “I had all sorts of skin issues: combo, oily-in-the-T-zone, “sensitive” (or so I thought), occasionally break out prone, out-of-balance, with mild rosacea and visible pores,” recounts Masterson. When nothing over the counter worked for Masterson, she set out to create her own category of skincare she has coined “bio-compatible”. To put it simply, it’s essentially stuff that works made without suspicious chemicals in the mix.

It’s a rather straightforward approach to skincare, one that’s also reflected in her daily beauty routines. What exactly does the skincare regime of one of the most prominent figures in the beauty industry entail? You have your answers here.

Hey Tiffany! Can you walk us through your daytime beauty routine?

Tiffany Masterson: I wake up and like to gently wipe a soft damp cloth over my eyes, with a bit of micellar milk just to refresh. I then typically go straight in with my Marula or F-Balm just to wake my skin up.  I am a firm believer that cleansing in the morning, or even more than once a day, is a mistake for our skin and its acid mantle. Once I’ve been up for a while I apply a mixture of C-Firma, A-Passioni and Lala. I follow that up with Umbra Tinte.

What about your nighttime beauty routine?

I cleanse with Slaai or Beste depending on whether or not I’m wearing eye makeup. I typically apply a mixture of Marula, B-Hydra, TLC Framboos and a bit of Protini. As I’ve gotten older, I just need more moisture.

What is the one beauty product you cannot live without?

These days it’s my Slaai. It’s so comforting to my skin.

Do you have a beauty hack that you think everyone should know of?

I love to put my moisturisers in my hair at night if I know I’m going to wash my hair next morning. A little Virgin Marula in the hair is never a bad thing. It creates such a shine.

What would you say is your beauty philosophy?

My beauty philosophy is to strictly avoid the Suspicious 6 ingredients (essential oils, silicones, drying alcohols, SLS/SLES, chemical screens and fragrance/dyes). I think these 6 categories of ingredients can really hold us back from having the skin and hair we are meant to have and want. It’s not that they are dangerous or toxic necessarily, just that they can cause disruption in skin (or scalp) and prevent important actives and key ingredients from doing their job. Think of it as an ingredient-elimination diet!

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