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Beauty Cabinet: #GirlBoss Jane Chuck Reveals Her Secrets to Flawless Skin

Using only water to cleanse the face? Say whaaaat!

If you’ve met Jane Chuck in person, you’d know her skin in real life is just as flawless as it looks in her Instagram #selfies. If you haven’t, we can vouch for it. What you see is what you get. It’s not Photoshop. It’s not the work of skin smoothing filters. Chuck’s porcelain complexion is a hundred percent au natural. Talk about #skingoals!

Counting more than half a million followers on Instagram, Chuck has women from all over the world hankering after her skincare secrets. The most apparent of them: an affinity for facial masks. The beauty aficionado’s love for facial masks led to the conception of her very own line of sheet masks under her lifestyle brand, Chuck’s. Since its launch last year, Chuck’s masks coined “Self-Love”, “Glow On” and “Chuck It” have flown off the shelves. If you miss the launches, chances are you’re going to have to wait it out till the next restock. Yes, they are that popular.

While masks are a big part of her skincare regime, we caught up with the social media starlet-turned-boss lady to get an insight into her full beauty routine. What exactly does it take to achieve Chuck’s enviable skin perfection? You’re going to want to take down notes and pay attention to the products’ ingredients, ladies!

Hi Jane! Can you take us through your daytime skincare routine?

Water to cleanse my skin. Then, I layer on Fresh Kombucha Essence and Fresh Lotus Moisturiser. Lastly, I always top it off with Banila Co. Hello Sunny Hydrating Sun Essence.

How’s this different from your night time skincare routine?

At night I wash my face with the Fresh Soy Cleanser. Following that, I use the Fresh Rose Floral Toner. Then, I alternate between Chuck’s facial masks. I reach for Self Love Honey Mask when I have dry skin, Glow On when I have events or shoots to attend and Chuck It when my skin feels tired. I also use La Mer’s The Moisturising Soft Cream.

What’s one beauty product that you can’t live without? 

The range of facial masks from Chuck’s and sunscreen!

Can you share with us one beauty hack that you swear by?

Using only water to cleanse my skin in the morning.

Tell us about your beauty philosophy.

Having a positive mind, you’ll look extra beautiful when you have a positive mind and kind soul.

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