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The Best Beauty Hacks We Found on Tik Tok

The Tik Tok beauty community is a gift that keeps giving. And here, you shall receive.

Have you ever gone down the Tik Tok rabbit hole? That one time when you were struck by a serious bout of FOMO, downloaded the app, and caught yourself in an endless scroll? We’ll confess – we aren’t entirely sure how we got here but we’ve been clocked in more hours on Tik Tok than we’d like to admit. Not so much on the Addison Rae doing the Renegade side of Tik Tok, but more binge-scrolling through three-ingredient recipes and along the way discovering life hacks we never knew we needed. Our favourite of the lot – the beauty tricks. The ala Bella Hadid fox eye, Cara Delevigne-esque brows, Kylie Jenner’s full lips, Tik Tok is a treasure trove of quick tutorials that do wonders.

The short-form school of Tik Tok has plenty of lessons on offer. And because you can’t always believe what you see online, we had to put them to the test first. It’s a mixed bag, some we found didn’t make all that much of a difference – for instance, applying powder over your moisturiser – but others, have been truly game-changers. We don’t do our makeup the same anymore and for good reason, here are five hacks we now swear by.

#1 Bathrobe Curls

It’s every girl’s dream. To go to bed and wake up with beautiful hair in the morning. Except that on most days, reality will it have that we wake up with an unruly nest for hair that needs all the help it can get. Unless as Tik Tok has taught us, ig you go to bed with your hair braided around a bathrobe belt, you wake up the next morning with bouncy, curly locks. It’s the overnight bathrobe curl technique. As with the many other inventions of Tik Tok, we were skeptical at first. But we tried it anyway. Going to bed with damp hair wrapped around a bathrobe belt sounds like the recipe for a stiff neck in the morning. Well, it is. Sleeping with a bathrobe belt in your hair is as uncomfortable as you’d imagine it to be. But what’s beauty without (a tolerable amount of) pain? Would we still give it another go? Hundo P!

#2 Soap Brows

Not necessarily an invention of Tik Tok, soap brows are amongst the many secrets makeup artists have had up their sleeves for years. Rather than scour for an eyebrow gel to achieve wispy, ethereal brows, all you really need is a Pears soap bar – or an alternative that’s transparent to avoid visible bits stuck to your hairs. In fact, soap is known to have better hold than most brow gels you’d find on the shelves. Soap brows do deliver fluffy brows that have been all over the ‘gram of late on a budget but here’s the caveat. They are great for a selfie moment but we wouldn’t so much advise that you wear it out especially if you live in a part of the world where you’re at the mercy of relentless heat. The soap will melt down into your eyes – a stingy, messy sitch that’s less than ideal. We want our brows on fleek and have them stay that way throughout the day.

#3 Instant Face Lift

We’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. Contour beneath your cheekbones. Blush on the apples of your cheeks. Concealer applied in a triangular shape under the eye. Hold your brushes, delete your Instagram filters! As we’ve enlightened by the Tik Tok academy of makeup, there’s a way better technique to contour and conceal. Taking a leaf out of the books of drag queens, you want to contour above your cheekbones rather than below, apply your blush on the high points of your cheeks, and apply your concealer where you would a wing liner. The difference shows even with a light beat. You really don’t have to go Kardashian clan wild with the makeup and cake it on to notice a difference. We’re never doing our makeup the same way again.

#4 Manic Mascara 

Some Tik Tok hacks are out there. The kind that has you doing a double-take because of the sheer ridiculousness. This mascara hack is a case in point. It suggests going to town with your mascara, even getting it all over the lids. You don’t want to hold back like you usually would. Make a mess, that’s how you know you’re doing it right. You just have to clean it up with a q-tip after. Or to avoid the mess, you can hold your index finger behind your lashes. If you need a little more persuading (like we did) before trying it for yourself, here’s a side-by-side comparison video that convinced us to give it a go.

#5 Concealing a Pimple

Foundation first, then blending a concealer over – that’s typically the order of application. We might not have had a reason to turn it the other way round, well, at least, not until Tik Tok told us to. Try this instead. It’s a superior line of defense against the red, angry uninvited incumbents of your face. Cover the zit with a generous layer of concealer without blending it out. Let it dry, then go in with your foundation without blending too much over the concealed pimple. It’s fuss-free and it works like magic. Trust us, no one would even be able to tell.

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