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Hear Ye, Hear Ye – We Found the Best Matte Lipstick Yet

Dior Rouge's lipstick collection is a gift that keeps giving. The latest update to the lineup sees the introduction of a new velvet finish we're completely obsessed with.

With lipsticks, it’s almost as if you can’t have it all. High colour pay-off, all-day staying power, non-drying, great texture, just the right shade. From experience, finding a lippie that ticks all the boxes is a tall order. Does the perfect lipstick even exist?

It’s highly subjective (and personal) but we’re sure it’s out there somewhere. And with the constant stream of updated formulas and finishes put forth by beauty brands, we’re optimistic. Our endless search for that flawless lipstick led us to the new Rouge Dior collection. The Rouge Dior collections have been our go-to for years now and every release has brought us that much closer to finding a forever love in the lipstick arena.

The latest release sees the addition of a new velvet finish to the house’s existing lineup. The timing couldn’t have been better. In the new mask-wearing normal, matte lipsticks just make so much more sense. The new Rouge Dior’s velvet finish doesn’t budge underneath face masks and pretty much stays on come hell or high water. It gets better – infused with Dior’s signature red peony extract, the formula (unlike most matte lipsticks) is not at all drying on the lips. Plus, the velvet finish leaves the lips looking super smooth. Think: the effect of a beauty filter but in real life.

It does, however, tend to bleed out a tad bit on the edges. Nothing a quick touchup can’t fix though.

For the most part, what you see on the reel is what you get. If you haven’t, see Agent Cao put the new Dior Rouge velvet finish in the iconic 999 red here.

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