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Brand to Know: Entireworld

If living in sweaters and sweatpants are the stuff of your dreams, meet the brand of basics you need to have on your radar.

Wardrobe basics are the fundamental building blocks of fashion. Everyone has them – a self-proclaimed fashionista or not. The search for the perfect white t-shirt, plain sweater or tank top is perennial. It’s perhaps the most personal of clothing items, the ones that you wear the most often and consequentially, go through the most of.

Following the same train of thought, you can never have enough labels committed to delivering staple wear cause. The question, however, remains. Just how discerning can a plain t-shirt, tank or for that matter, any other wardrobe basic, get?

“I started thinking about this idea of Utopia, building a perfect world from scratch. A blank slate with a sense of logic, integrity, optimism and purity,” explains Scott Sternberg, the founder of Entireworld. The two-year-old brand, conceived by Sternberg, claims itself to be on a mission to dress the entire world – just as its name suggests. Built on a foundation of underpants, tank tops and sweaters amongst other essential clothing items, Entireworld is reflective of Sternberg’s 360-degree perspective shift on fashion.

The designer is no stranger to the industry. If his name rings familiar, you probably know him from his former stint at London-based label Band of Outsiders. A little over a decade after starting the brand, Sternberg exited the company. “The fashion system can feel like a jail,” he once lamented in an interview. Having broken free from a system that was so clearly not built for him, Entireworld represents Sternberg’s second shot at success – this time, moving forward with longevity in mind.

In the context of fashion, timelessness is best translated through wardrobe classics. These are the pieces that will never go out of fashion partly because they were never a part of a trend to begin with. Democratic, both in price and relatability, too. Entireworld’s organic cotton, candy-coloured t-shirts retail for US$35. The pricetag, far more pocket-friendly and about 10-fold cheaper than alternatives from, say, Balenciaga or Dior.

The sweater and sweatpants combinations from Entireworld have already won the favour of social media frontrunners like Leandra Medine Cohen. If the Queen of comfort and practicality has declared that she has not taken off her Entireworld sweater in days, you might just want to keep them on your shopping radar.

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