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Brand to Know: Isa Boulder

Inspired by the Greek goddesses, Indonesian swimwear label Isa Boulder's signature ruched creations empowers women to feel their best in their bodies.

Finding a bathing suit that “makes you forget that you haven’t been exercising for years and feel like you’re the sexiest creature that ever walked the earth” may seem like striking the lottery. It doesn’t happen often if at all.

But you’re in luck. Cecilia Basari and Yuli Suri, the duo behind Isa Boulder, have set that as the agenda at their three-year-old Indonesian swimwear label. Concieved in 2019, the brand made a meteoric rise on the ‘gram. Even if you weren’t familiar with the name, chances are, you’d recognise Isa Boulder’s signature ruching and silhouettes that take their cues from Greek goddesses. Only fitting, if you ask us.

It’s swimwear made to empower women and make them feel like a million bucks in their own bodies. Beyond sizes that go up to XL, Isa Boulder also goes a step further to offer customised sizes tailored to fit your body to the tee. It’s this level of unparalleled artistry that truly sets Isla Boulder apart. In fact, the pair relocated to Bali to work hand in hand with Balinese seamstresses.

Three years in, the pair has their vision set on expanding beyond the swimwear category. A knit collection is on its way. But despite having their eyes set on bigger things in the future, Basari and Suri maintain that craft would remain at the heart of their brand and production kept in-house.

Who would’ve thought there could be so much more to swimwear than meets the eye?

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