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Brand to Know: Panache Chasunyoung

This Blackpink-approved Korean jewellery label is one to have on your radar.

“Panache” is a word of French origin that harks back to the ornamental helmet-plume uniform of cavalrymen in the Early Modern period. The sort that gladiators wear in period films set in the Roman empire. In naming her line of jewellery, Panache, Seoul-based designer Cha Sunyoung, drew parallels between the toughness of the helmet’s metal surface and sophistication of the feathers that decorated it to her design approach.

“My jewellery might be crafted from metal but it possesses a beautiful softness. I love that combination of contrasting elements,” she revealed in an earlier interview Wallpaper*. In the figurative sense of the word, panache also alludes to impeccable style – befitting for a jewellery label.

In the business for more than a decade now, Sunyuong conceived Panache as a fine jewellery line in 20o8 as a fresh graduate out of Central Saint Martins. Two years later, she introduced a subsidiary fashion jewellery line, P by Panache. Eventually, rebranding the two under the moniker Panache Sunyoung that it now goes by.

You might only be hearing of it now but Panache Sunyoung is by no means a newcomer to the realm of jewellery. Pieces from the brand’s collections have been spotted on the members of Blackpink, the biggest K-pop girl band in the world, as far back as two years ago.

In fact, it was le boss’s obsession with Blackpink that led her to Panache Sunyoung. If you missed her recent Instagram live session, she talks all about her favourite pieces from the brand’s latest collection and offers some valuable advice on how to style them to lend an edge to an otherwise bland everyday outfit.

Just as they say, good things are meant to be shared.  And we’re telling you, don’t sleep on Panache Sunyoung.

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