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Life Imitates Art At Chanel’s Haute Couture Outing

Couture creations have long hinged on surrealism. This time, Virginie Viard adds another dimension to Chanel's latest couture outing by delving deep into art as a point of inspiration.

The worlds of art and fashion intertwine. And as they say, life imitates art. Couture, in particular, exhibits a display of an unparalleled level of craftsmanship akin to the mastery of a painter on a canvas. At Chanel’s Fall 2021 Haute Couture presentation, Virginie Viard blurs the line further as she looked to Impressionist paintings by the likes of Berthe Morisot, Marie Laurencin, and Edouard Manet as her place of inspiration.

Fittingly, the collection was showcased against the backdrop of the Palais Galliera fashion museum – marking the maison’s return to presentations with a live audience. The influence of art was a common thread that ran throughout the collection, even down to the minute details – look closer and you’d notice even the collection’s buttons take after an artist’s palette. More noticeably, “there are impressionist-inspired dresses, skirts that look like paintings, and a long white satin dress punctuated with black bows like Morisot’s…” Viard pointed out in the collection’s official press notes.

Ah, how fondly we look back on the days when we fawned over the unparalleled artistry of Chanel’s atelier’s in the flesh. A case in point: a floral cardigan jacket crafted from feather strands that took some 2,000 hours of intricate handwork. Till international travel becomes a thing again in this end of the world, we’d be scrolling through the gallery of Viard’s couture collection to carry us through the days.

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