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Can You Spot the 20 Icons in the Limited Edition Chanel J12.20 Watch?

To mark the 20th year of its birth, the revered J12 celebrates with a limited edition iteration designed to also pay homage to 20 other house icons.

Chanel is a house of many icons. When it released the J12 watch in 2000, it inked the birth of yet another. It was one for the history books. The signature ceramic timepiece – which, by the way, can only be shaped and polished by diamonds – was a game changer for women in the watch-making realm. In a world dominated by long-standing heritage names, Chanel’s J12 held its own.

First released in black in 2000 and later in white in 2003, the monochromatic timepiece was conceived with a distinct sense of masculinity – its rounded face which came in 33 or 38 millimeters leaned towards the proportion of a men’s watch – all while exuding an unmistakable air of elegance. It was a statement of aesthetic contradictions, that very much tied back to Gabrielle Chanel‘s approach towards high fashion. You must not forget – the Mademoiselle was one who freed women from restrictive silhouettes with sportswear-inspired garments and it was also her who introduced jersey into haute couture. In the same way, when Chanel introduced its ceramic timepiece 20 years ago, the material was rarely used in watch-making.

The J12’s forward-looking proposition was particularly appealing to contemporary women, many of whom, were on a pursuit to seek beyond the stereotypical dainty timepieces on offer by most watchmakers. It has been pictured on the wrists of Tinseltown’s A-listers like Kiera Knightley and Blake Lively and claimed the title as the first watch icon of the 21st century.

Not that an icon needs reinvention but over the years, the J12 has been reimagined in about 400 different executions. Some of which, we have witnessed from the frontlines. In 2016, we flew to Seoul for a preview of the J12.XS, took the Mademoiselle J12 on a world tour around three cities in two weeks, brought the J12 from a little boogie session in the day to a champagne bar at night and played around with its two personalities the year after. We have had our fair share of wonderful memories to remember the iconic J12 by.

This year, the J12 reaches yet another milestone as it celebrates 2o years with a limited edition iteration aptly coined the J12.20. Inside its distinguishable white ceramic and steel casing, the timepiece shares its milestone with an homage to 20 other icons of the house. Pay close attention and you’d be able to spot the 2.55 bag, camellia, bottle of N°5 perfume, lion head, tweed jacket, two-toned slingback and Mademoiselle Chanel herself amongst other motifs. How many can you spot? Tell us in the comments below!

The J12.20 is available in two sizes, 33 millimeters and 38 millimeters, each limited to 2,020 pieces.

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