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Clogs Are the Season’s Favourite Shoes – And We’re Ready to Slip Into the Bohemian Dream

All the prairie girls, get in line. It’s your time to shine.

Dad sandals, heeled flip flops, and platform sandals…the ugly shoe trend has been a gift that just keeps giving. It’s a genre of its own in the shoe department that has carved out a special place in the hearts of fashion fiends. Well, we’d like to call them the unconventional stars of the season. It’s the last thing you’d expect to become a hit even when you first lay eyes on them on the runway but before you can fully make up your mind about said questionable shoes, they’re all over the ‘gram. And before you know it, you’re trawling through the net for options. It’s just how the narrative pans out.

This season, all eyes have turned to clogs since they made a debut at Hermès’ Spring/Summer 2021 showing. The chunky, slip-ons are a practical proposition. They’re comfy, – afterall, your granny can totter around in them – afford plenty of ventilation for summer, and it won’t matter if you’re long overdue for a pedi. If you’re having separation anxiety from the house slippers you’ve been living in for the most part of the year, clogs (by the stretch of imagination) are house slippers on a platform.

By a looser definition, at Proenza Schouler, leather slip-ons that borrowed in equal parts from the Michelin man and clogs were a minimal update to the tradtional style. At Bottega Veneta, Daniel Lee proposed a rubber clog and croc hybrid. Or if you’re a subscriber of cottagecore, there’s plenty to pick from. Which one will you be slipping into come summer?

Proenza Schouler Puffy Rondo Leather Slippers

Bottega Veneta Puddle Rubber Clogs

Simon Miller Vegan Bubble Clog

Fabrizio Viti Jean-Shearling Lined Clog

Ancient Greek Sandals Wing-Buckle Leather Clog Mules

Lemaire Slingback Leather And Wood Clogs

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