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What’s Your Crochet Bag Personality?

Every crochet carryall packs a different personality but what they all have in common is a laissez-faire attitude perfect for summer.

As the world inches towards some sense of normalcy, there are certain ways Miss Rona has changed our lives forever. She has made a chef out of some of us (a case in point: @yoyofoodlala), others into DIY queens, and converted the makeup fiends amongst us over to the au natural camp. And as we step back into the world as our post-pandemic selves, our newfound tendencies follow.

It shows up in many ways but most apparently in the way that we dress. Have you found yourself leaning towards comfort? Swap out your heels for sneakers? Reach for a fuss-free oversized shirt rather than your go-to summer dress? Do you still recognise yourself in the mirror?

Perhaps, our post-pandemic inclinations are reason for crochet bags’ current moment in the limelight. The souvenir shop mainstay – if you looked hard enough, you might unearth one you brought back as vacation memorabilia – has risen to fame as THE carryall to have this summer. A change in scenery from the usual woven bucket bags that make the rounds around this time of the year, crochet carryalls are a refreshing switch-up. Each carryall taking its own pattern and shape, packs a unique personality.

Granny chic; beach bum; true blue bohemian – pick your character.

See by Chloé Roby Bucket Bag

La Milanesa Square Crochet Panel Bag

Fendi Small Croissant Shoulder Bag

Bottega Veneta Hand-Crotcheted Shoulder Bag

Prada Tote Bag

Nannacay Lotus Crochet Bag

Serpui Lara Crochet Basket Bag

Kiko Kostadinov Bag

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