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Crocs on Stilettos – Wait, What?

At Balenciaga's Spring 2022 showcase, Demn Gvasalia unveiled his second collaboration with Crocs. This time, the designer took the clogs to new heights with a heeled rendition.

Oops, he did it again. Fashion’s favourite rebel child Demna Gvasalia is known to have a knack for testing fashion’s boundaries. We’ve seen Gavsalia’s unwonted creations rise to fame on the internet. The Ikea bag? The DHL t-shirt? The sneakers that won the unanimous vote for being “ugly” but still went on to sell out anyway?

Gvaslia finds beauty in the unconventional. A man with an acquired taste, if you will. In 2017, he debuted platform bubble-gum pink Crocs. And despite the seemingly polarising schools of thought on the rather questionable footwear choice, Gvasalia’s chunky rendition sold out even before it hit the shelves.

If he’s done it once, he’d do it twice. Meet Gvasalia’s reintroduction of Crocs, this time, elevated to a new high. The resurgance of Crocs at Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 saw the clog rendered with a stiletto heel. Before you cry out loud for fashion’s sake, consider this: Could these be the comfiest heels your feet have ever met?

Whether you love it or love to hate it, if you’ve ever slipped into a pair of Crocs, it’s hard to deny the comfort it offers. It’s light and they say it moulds to your feet. If Crocs’s burgeoning lineup of streetwear collaborations are anything to go by, we’d say the tides are turning for the posterchild of ugly in the footwear department. From the streets to the redcarpet, Crocs of various renditions have been the spotted on Tinseltown’s coolest. Just last month, Nicki Minaj sent the internet into a frenzy when she posted a photo in a hot pink bejewelled pair.

Maybe, just maybe, Gvasalia’s attempt at Balenciage might be redemption for Crocs. Or at the very least, it’s another moment in the spotlight for the underdog.

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