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Does Chloe Ting’s 2 Week Abs Challenge Really Work?

Those transformation photos that have been making the rounds? The internet isn't lying y'all.

In the same way I catch wind of most things these days, Chloe Ting’s 14 Day Abs Challenge first streamed into my consciousness when I was mindlessly clicking through a lineup of Instagram stories. It was one of those sped up workout videos that bear a striking resemblance to Road Runner when he takes to his heels. All I really got out of it was a flurry of motion. My proper introduction to Chloe Ting came in the days after as mentions of her name repeatedly popped up everywhere on Instagram. Photos of toned abs came with descriptors that thanked Chloe Ting and videos of the aforementioned kind bore mentions of her and a two week challenge of sorts.

If the testimonials on the internet were anything to go by (the before and after photos were the stuff of miracles), I was convinced that if there were an ab god, it had to be Chloe Ting. And her 14-day workout plan, the equivalent of a holy scripture. The workout program listed for free (trust me, I tried it, there’s no catch here) on her website breaks down the routine for each day. For all the times you wished you had a personal instructor, there you have it. A virtual personal trainer for the unprecedented times we live in.

In Chloe, I trusted. Easing into the workout plan was fairly doable even for a mere mortal (if you’re wondering, yes, that’s me) with stamina slightly lesser than that of the average human being. Over my many attempts to get into a workout routine, I have realised jumping into a 20-minute hiit routine after 5 years of being dormant only leaves me desperately gasping for air like a fish out of water. On a good day, I would maybeee last 10 minutes.

Chloe Ting’s shorter rep routines did it for me. I felt my body put to work without my being in complete agony. My body did not feel broken but instead, it was growing stronger with the days. Five days into the workout, the faint lines started to show itself. Chloe Ting is not an internet myth unlike three-ingredient baking recipes which have failed me every.single.time. By the end of the 14-days, my abs were more defined than they have ever been in my entire existence. Does the Chloe Ting workout, work? The answer is, hell, yes!

But…there’s always a but. Besides religiously following Chloe Ting’s workout program, I also cleaned up my diet. The stars would have it that I was a Virgo who chases nothing but abs-olute perfection. With my belly being the fat reserve where all the late night binges stored itself, I took it upon myself to cut back on carbs and all the other bad stuff I was stuffing my face with. I will however confess to the fried chicken meal I had over the weekend. I had to do it for the sake of my sanity.

Now that the 14 days are over and I’m that much closer to my summer body goals (even if it mean I were spending this summer tanning on my bed with sunlight streaming in from the window), where do I go from here? Thankfully, Chloe Ting is the gift that keeps giving. There are longer workout programs on her website that await me (and you). Should I work towards a slimmer thigh or an hourglass figure next? Decisions, decisions.

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