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5 Fuss-Free Ways to Hit Reset on Your Skin Post-Holiday

The binge eating, late nights sipping on champagne, and falling asleep with a full face of makeup on, it all shows for itself on the skin. Now that we're past the festive indulgences, here's how to get it right back on track.

New year, new you. When the clock strikes midnight on the first day of the new year, the slate is metaphorically wiped clean and physically, we strive to do the same by way of detoxes. Only fittingly so, after coming off past weeks of merry-making. Stuffing our faces silly, sipping on one too many glasses of champagne, and if we’re being completely honest, falling asleep with a full face of makeup still on. Blasphemy!  And it all shows in the less than ideal state of our skin.

From person to person, festive indulgences can inflict the skin in varying degrees. If you’re amongst the genetically blessed, you might escape with small bumps but unfortunately for the acne-prone, it could lead to seething red bumps. Either way, your skin deserves a post-holiday reset from both the inside and out.

Unlike stereotypical detoxes, hitting reset on the skin does not all have to be that complicated, painfully rigid, or cost you a limb. All it really takes is making simple tweaks to your everyday habits. Follow closely – we’ve put together five fuss-free ways to turn your skin around.

#1 Drink Up!

And by that, we don’t mean cheers to the frickin’ weekend. We’re talking strictly H2O. Plenty of it. You know the drill – eight glasses of water a day at the least. And no, your morning cuppa Joe does not count towards your eight glasses. We’d suggest cutting out all other beverages but if you absolutely cannot pass up on the caffeine, start easy. Gradually up your water intake rather than going cold turkey. Remember, it’s not meant ot feel like an absolute torture.

#2 Clean Up Your Diet

The bad eating has a big part to play in the condition the sorry state of your skin. The skin is reactive to what you put into your body. The fried stuff, excess sugars, dairy…poor skin is consequential to a poor diet. Without entirely starving yourself of your favourite indulgences, cutting back on the stuff that’s bad for you and your skin on the daily can add up to grand benefits. Beyond inching closer to a flawless complexion, you’d also notice your energy levels pick up.

#3 Cleanse and Cleanse Again

Cleansing the skin might be the most basic step in any skincare routine but not all of us do it well enough. You might not be able to see it, but there are many layers of gunk to get rid off on the skin. Makeup, pollutants from the environment, dead skin cells…there are no lacking of culprits that clog the pores and they all must go! The skincare fiends will have you know a two-step cleansing routine is absolutely mandatory.

#4 Stripping Back Your Skincare Routine

This might be the most technical of the lot and perhaps, require some trial and error. Taking a step back from your skincare routine and letting biology do its thing is one way to soothe inflamed skin. Here’s a 5-step routine for your consideration as you strip back your routine.

#5 Clear Your Sleep Debt

The holiday season might’ve meant back to back late nights for you party animals. Clocking in the eight hours regularly is key to waking up with refreshed, glowing complexion. After all, its during that window that your cells regenerate and your body recuperates. The late-night Netflix binges are just not worth it, ladies.

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