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Could Face Masks be the Next Permanent Fashion Accessory?

Throw it back to the '90s in denim, hop on the tie-dye bandwagon or get Summer ready with floral motifs!

Before Covid-19 sent the world spiralling into madness, face masks were far from a thing of necessity. Until a few months ago, they were an optional cover from bacteria, the subject of rapper Future’s 2017 hit single “Mask Off” and a way for celebrities to go incognito in public.

Much has changed since. In the face of the global pandemic, the demand for face masks has shot through the roof. Surgical face masks have been entirely wiped off shelves across the world. To support the supply, an entire roster of names in fashion have opened up a new category of reusable fabric masks. It has become de rigueur for people, no matter in which part of the word, to don masks as part of their everyday armour. In Singapore, it’s quite literally criminal to step out the door without one.

Are we entering a new normal where facial masks would join the lineup of wardrobe essentials? The signs point to yes. Facial masks aren’t entirely uncharted territory in fashion. Off-White, A Bathing Ape, Heron Preston and Marine Serre have all at one point or another dabbled into designer masks. Music’s wonderchild Billie Eilish turned the heads on this year’s Grammy red carpet in an embellished Gucci alternative. The street wear set and Eilish might have set the wheels in motion for facial masks as an statement accessory but Covid-19 has officially taken the trend to the road.

Whilst it may be one more thing to coordinate with an #ootd, the merits far outweigh the inconvenience. Even if you aren’t in the mood for makeup or dealing with a less than ideal skin situation, conceal the drab with a face mask and you’re good to go. Think about it, you could even make a #selfie out of a crappy day. In the words of Tyra Banks, cue the smize!

Fret not, aside from the designer masks that cost up to hundreds, we’ve put together a lineup of super cute options in the gallery above. Get scrollin’, we promise it won’t cost you an arm and leg!

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