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Trend Alert: We’re Graduating to Primary Colours for Fall

There's no way the fashion set could have foreseen a global pandemic but its proposition of sprightly hues for the season is optimism we could all use.

Summer has come and gone – has it, really? A quick glance at the calendar will have you know that we’re officially into the last quarter of the year. At this point, we’re holding onto our last shreds of hope for it to return to even the faintest semblance of normalcy. The holiday season is upon us but Miss Rona might have other plans in mind.

Halloween trick-or-treating? Thanksgiving dinners? Christmas parties? New Year’s countdowns? It’s all stuck in limbo.

An unlikely dose of optimism comes by way of the fashion realm’s proposition of sprightly primary colours for fall. Sunny yellow, royal blue, chilli red – the primary colour palette does Piet Mondrian proud. Shades of green, too, found its way into the mix. These might be a far cry from the stereotypical fall colour palette of dark, muted hues but at a time when we could all use a pick me up, bright colours sound like just the thing we need.

While the primary colour parade was observable on the runways of more than a handful of fashion’s heavyweights, it was perhaps most prominent at Hermès. For Fall/Winter 2020, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski built an entire collection around primary colours in her bid to decode essentialism at the French maison. Like Vanhee-Cybulski, going back to the foundations, was seemingly the destination for designers this season. Fittingly, explaining the season’s fixation with primary colours.

A return to basics meant not veering far off from classic silhouettes. The tailored pantsuit separates at Alexander McQueen, Y/Project and non-descript turtleneck at Hermès stand cases in point. On the other end of the spectrum, dresses in splashes of colour served flamboyant OTT realness appropriate for evening wear.

Are you ready to paint the town in colours?

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