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Meet the New Cat Eye Equivalent – the Fox Eye

We're calling it. The latest supermodel-inspired viral makeup trend is here to stay.

Makeup can do wonders. You can contour yourself a higher nose bridge, shade a chiselled jawline into existence, create the illusion of a cheekbone and that’s just a tip of the iceberg. If you were a makeup whiz, there’s a whole lot you can do to non-surgically alter most features on your face. We’ve gone through the Kardashian contouring phase, the Jenner lip obsession and if you’ve been keeping up, you might be up to speed with the latest eye makeup trend: the fox-eye.

Remember the migraine pose coined by makeup artist Nam Vo? That Instagram-famous pose that involves pulling the face towards the temples with one or two hands? The result of that pose was a face-tightening effect. It’s an instant eyebrow and cheek lift all in one. What it also does is create the illusion of a sultry almond shaped eye ala Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and the OG Megan Fox. The fox-eye makeup look achieves the same elongated, upturned effect.

On social media, recreating the fox-eye has become a full-blown viral trend coined the Fox Eye Challenge. What exactly goes into creating the look, you ask? It starts with the brows. Straight brows that tilt upwards towards the temple are primers. While some TikTokers go as far as shaving the ends of their brows off and later drawing it back on straighter, others play it safe with concealer.

Once you’ve tackled the brows – which by the way, you can entirely skip if its too much commitment – the real work begins with the eye. Concealer goes on first. However, you’re going to be employing a new technique to create the illusion of a lifted eye. Instead of the stereotypical triangle under the eye method, you’re going to conceal from the outer corner of your eye towards your temple, in the inner corner of your eye and down the side of your nose bridge. Korean TikToker Daniel Ly illustrates this in a video which has since been viewed millions of times. Pro-tip: You’re going to want to reach for a heavy-duty concealer to do the job.

Then, follows the eyeshadow. You’re going to use the eyeshadow to create a winged eyeliner effect. Keep in mind, the line extends from the outer corner of your eye towards the temples. On the lid, you’re going to keep it simple by buffing out the product from the earlier application. Now to complete the illusion, you’re going to have to apply mascara only to the outer half of your eyelashes. This helps to really open up the outer corners of your eye to nail the fox-eye look.

If you’re wondering when comes the eyeliner? It doesn’t. The fox-eye is all about creating a soft, seductive allure. We’re calling it here, unlike most fleeting viral sensations, the fox-eye look is not going anywhere.

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