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There’s More to Prepping Your Body for Summer Than Hitting the Gym

Don't skip the skin when you're putting in the work for that hot girl summer bod.

Hot girl summer is officially back in full swing. Sun’s out, bun’s out. Work is the last thing on your mind. Miss Rona has finally taken a backseat (if we dare say so ourselves). Whether you’re packing up your bags for a tropical getaway or heading to the beach to play pretend like it were the Maldives, summer’s back on the agenda.

And you need to look the part. If you have all but forgotten how to get dressed in real clothes, here’s a quick manual to get you started. The next thing you need to get sorted: your beach body to go with the itty bitty bikinis. We’re not getting the reps in at the gym. We’re talking a flawless complexion for you to show off along with the golden holiday tan.

It might be a tad more robust than your routine exfoliating scrub but trust us, the extra effort goes a long way. To kickstart your exfoliation routine, you want to start with dry brushing. The age-old beauty trick that’s a hit with Tinseltown’s A-listers is pretty self-explanatory. You use a dry brush in long, upward strokes with gentle pressure from the leg before you hop into the shower. It might not seem like it’s doing much but call it magic, the brush unclogs your pores and bolsters your overall blood circulation.

When you’re in the shower, you want to go over the areas a dry brush might not have been very effective on with a body scrub. Ideally, one with moisturising oils to retain that shiny glow even in parts where no one might look. Ashy elbows and knees, we’re not packing those along for a hot girl summer.

Moving onto after-shower care, a moisturiser is key to lock in all the benefits of toiling in the shower to scrub all that dead skin off. Fenty Skin’s Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream not only deeply moisturises but also leaves a healthy sheen without feeling tacky on the skin – an easy fav! To amp up the sun-kissed goddess factor, consider Fenty Beauty’s Body Sauce Body Luminizing Tint.

Last but never the least, pile on the sunscreen (not forgetting to reapply every few hours) and you’re ready to claim this summer yours.

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