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Everything you Need to Know to Bid Adieu to Bacne Forever

We’re (quite literally) bringing sexy back.

Acne, no matter where it shows up, can deal a huge blow to one’s self-confidence. Even Kanye loves Kanye type of self-love might not be a match for pesky acne. For most of us, who unfortunately missed the genetic lottery, facial acne is a rite of passage into adulthood. For some, it lingers longer than others. And just as they can show up on the face unannounced, they can pop up pretty much anywhere else on the body.

Second to facial acne, bacne (a portmanteau of back and acne) is a common form of acne that most people grapple with. If you live in the tropics where it’s hot and humid all year round, you probably already know this. The bacteria and oils produced from excess perspiration is bad news for the skin.

Bacne forms the same way as do the pimples anywhere else on the skin – clogged pores are the culprits. Hence, they are to be dealt with the same way you’d treat facial acne.

Let’s start with the basics – inspecting the formula of your body soap. Ideally, you’d want to be using a mild soap that contains AHA which helps control the formation of acne. Just like your face, the skin everywhere else on your body needs to be exfoliated to prevent the build-up of excess dead skin. Then, top off your routine with a lightweight body moisturiser. Keep an eye out for  formulas with bacteria-fighting agents like hyaluronic, glycerin and salicylic acid.

The small details of your everyday habits matter too. If you’re all about that fitspo life, you absolutely have to hop into the shower pronto after a sweat sesh. As your science textbooks will have you know, bacteria multiplies and thrives in moisture. Going one step further, opt for breathable, loose-fitting and preferably cotton tops. Friction from the fabric too could aggravate and irritate inflamed skin.

It might sound like a lot of work but the skin on your body deserves just as much TLC as your money-maker. And well, those open-back summer dresses are worth it.

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