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I’m Fessing Up: I Have a Major Soft Spot for Teeny, Tiny Bags

They barely fit anything but I can't stop buying them anyway.

I consider myself to have pretty decent self-control when it comes to shopping but I’m only human. And forgive me, I err. There are a few things that I have an absolute soft spot for. On the top of that list: itty-bitty bags. When it comes to minibags, 8 out of 10 times, temptation triumphs over my willpower to walk away.

I’ve never met a baby I don’t like and I would easily say the same about mini bags. Every time I see one, I quite literally coo over just how adorable these doll-sized bags are. Then, proceed to cradle them in the palm of my hands. As you might have already seen over on the ‘gram.

I know, I know, what even fits into these carryalls? If I’m being completely honest – a couple of cards and some cash at best.

Hear me out though, what it lacks for in functionality, it makes up for in style and versatility. I like to think of them as cheeky conversation starters that add a touch of playfulness to any look. I typically wear my mini carryalls around the neck as an accessory. Or at times, I dress up my actual everyday bags with these smaller counterparts. A Fendi nano baguette charm over my regular-sized baguette? A family portrait that warms my heart every time.

When you get over the fact that these mini bags don’t fit much, if anything at all, the possibilities then become endless. You could even loop them onto your belt or wear them as a wristlet – no rules apply. Needless to say, over the last couple of seasons, I have picked up more than a handful of minis. I could really go on all day about them but I’ll spare you.

Scroll through the gallery above for an insight into all my little obsessions.

P.S. I will not be held responsible for any temptations that may ensue.

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