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Instagram-Worthy Hand Creams Are the Flatlay Props You Never Knew You Needed

Even if moisturising your hands wasn't a part of your beauty routine before, you're now going to want to get into the habit.

Hand creams were never quite a thing of necessity, especially, when you live in the tropics. When there’s a more than fifty percent chance you’re going to perspire the moment you step out to the humid outdoors, slathering on hand cream is the last thing anyone really thinks about. Most of us only ever scour for that long forgotten hand cream we once got in a gift bag when we’re packing for a winter holiday but every beauty guru will have you know moisturising the hands should be a part of our everyday routine.

You might not have thought much of it before but with all the incessant hand washing and use of hand sanitisers of these days, hand creams are officially de rigueur. Even if your hands aren’t crusty and dry (yet), you’d be surprised at all the difference a hand cream can make almost instantaneously. While elbow bumps are the only socially acceptable way of greeting at the mo, you’d want to work towards soft, supple hands for when handshakes reinstate themselves as part of the norm.

If you needed an added impetus to carry a tube of hand cream out and about, the Instagram-worthy aesthetic of our curated list should do the trick. Are you a minimal kinda gal or do you like to exhibit a little hint of character? Tell us which ones are your favourite!

Lano Everywhere Multi-Cream

Buly 1803 Pommade Concréte

Lixir Universal Emulsion

Byredo Slow Dance Hand Cream

Goutal Paris Italian Hand Balm

Chanel La Crème Main

Tamburins Pocket Hand Cream #000

Diptyque Eau Rose Hand Cream

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