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As a Mother, I’ve Been Thinking How I Can Instill Multi-Racial Values

Living in a society like Singapore, it's easy to take multi-racialism for granted but I have come to acknowledge that it takes conscious action.

Even though far removed (geographically) from everything that has been ongoing in America of late and being lucky enough to be living in a society that exercises fairness towards all races, I have been thinking, reflecting and learning. As a Mother, a business-owner, a content creator on social media, there are many different hats that I wear, which leaves plenty of room for improvement in all these different facets of life.

These conversations about anti-racism cannot end on with the sharing of a photo on Instagram with an accompanying long, heartfelt message. It all means nothing if you don’t take these discussions with you into your homes and your offices. It all starts at home. And as a Mother, this is something that I have been thinking about. How do I consciously raise Sir Luca to embrace people of all colour?

Living in a multi-racial society like Singapore, it’s easy to look past having these conversations. In the past, I might have taken for granted that anyone raised in Singapore would naturally grow up being anti-racist. The system certainly helps but there’s work to be done on my part at home. I have recognised that there should be conscious effort put into shaping their perceptions. And I have also learnt, the earlier you start, the better. This has led me to searching for resources and thinking of ways in which I can ensure that Sir Luca is taught to embrace people of all races from a young age. For those who don’t know, Sir Luca is two.

To start, I have become more aware of the content that he consumes. Being as impressionable as kids are, what they see on the screens shapes the way that they perceive the world. Be it cartoons, books or even the toys that he plays with. It’s important to include diversity in the mix. You want them to be aware from an early age that there are people who look vastly different but that’s as far as the differences go.

It’s also important to me that Sir Luca interacts with kids of other races outside of school too. For instance, when I eventually can bring him out to play after the covid madness, I’d make it a point to tell him (even if he might already be aware) that kids of other races are his friends too.

These might not come across as revolutionary ways of change but it is the little things that matter and add up in the future. As a parent, I see clearly that instilling values to embrace people of all races is not be taken as a given. It takes education and conscious measures. I would love to know your thoughts on this issue in the comments below! We can all do better together.

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