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KULALA Guide: 50 Last-Minute (But Still Thoughtful) Christmas Gift Ideas

If you haven't gotten your Christmas gifts in order, you might just be cutting it real close. But fret not, here's a comprehensive guide for every personality in your social circle.

There are many gift-giving personalities. I’m guilty as charged of being a procrastinator – the type that scrambles for gifts the week before Christmas. Every year, I vow to never again throw myself into another frenzied episode of last-minute shopping. Yet every year, I find myself in the same predicament. I just don’t fight it anymore. After all, the adrenaline rush does set me in peak performance mode.

After years of cutting it real close with gift-shopping, I’m a self-proclaimed expert at nailing gift purchases at the eleventh hour. My stellar track record of well-executed gift ideas is proof of it. Just as you can score an A on a report completed entirely the day before submission, last-minute gift ideas could be ace.

You might be going against the clock but that’s not to say you’re half-assing it. There’s still plenty of thought required, you just have to be quick on your feet. For one, knowing the person you’re gifting makes your job that much easier. If you’re entirely clueless, scroll through their Instagram, stalk their Facebook page, ask a mutual friend. Something, anything!

Now, with clues on hand, you’re ready to start shopping. If you were to start today, at this very moment, you have a little less than two weeks to get everything in order. If you’re not a seasoned last-minute shopper, don’t be frazzled. That’s plenty of time on the books of a serial procrastinator. To start you off, we’ve put together a comprehensive gift guide for five groups of personality types you might find yourself shopping for. There’s no time to waste, get scrolling!


We’re starting it off with the easiest of the lot – beauty junkies. You have endless and we mean endless options to pick from. Sephora is every makeup and skincare-loving girl’s wonderland. Even if you know zilch about all-things beauty-related, Sephora’s holiday gift sets are here to save the day. You don’t have to do very much besides picking a category. Hair, skin, fragrance, makeup – which one is it going to be?


These guys are fighting for a cause bigger than themselves and the season of gifting is an opportunity for you to support their unwavering commitment to saving dear Gaia. Naturally, the gifts for the eco-conscious amongst us have to align with their environmental agenda. Might we also suggest you skip the stereotypical gift wrapping and get creative with recycled materials instead? It’s a sure way to put a smile on their face even before they get to the actual gift. That’s extra points for you!


2020 has sent all our travel plans out the window. The road-tripping, sunset-loving globe trotters have, for about a year now, been stuck indoors crippled by travel restrictions. Given just how much these people live for the adventure, Miss Rona is their worst nightmare come true. And perhaps, they deserve some extra TLC by way of extra thoughtful gifts. While it might be near impossible to fill the void in their hearts, here are some wanderlust-inducing gifts that might keep their flame alive until travel resumes.


After a year of spending more time at home than we might collectively have in the entirety of adulthood, we’re getting used to the home bodies that we’ve become. We’ve busied ourselves with home improvement projects and our Instagram feeds speak for our newfound interior ambitions. From mirrors to chairs, we have our pulse on how the in-crowd spruces up their interiors. Whether a certain someone you know has recently taken to home decor like we have or has always been one to carefully curate their space, these gifts are for them. Oh, and these suggestions also come in handy when you just don’t know how to shop for someone. Who doesn’t appreciate a candle, right?


The fitspos – we’d probably rank them below beauty junkies in just how easy it is to shop for them. For one, they’re the most practical of the lot. And, any gym junkie or yoga enthusiast would have you know that one could never have enough sports bras, tights, and bicycle shorts. They get so much wear out of it anyway! You cannot go wrong with getting them gym garb to add to their collection or fitness equipment to spruce up their home gym corner.


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