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KULALA Guide: Switching Up Your Room Decor on A Budget

An interior overhaul does not always mean making big purchases. The little things go a long way!

In the past couple of months, I might have spent more time at home than I have in the combined total of my adulthood. Before Miss Corona began her world tour, my mother would often express her displeasure for how I treated her house like a hotel, checking in and out to get some shut eye and freshen up. I wouldn’t argue. I barely spent my hours awake at home. This meant I never had reason enough to switch up the pink walls, hand-me-down study table, queen-sized metal-framed bed and outdated patterned curtains. It didn’t make economical sense to spend the moolah on revamping a space I barely lived in.

When quarantine set it, this changed drastically. I could not escape my room, which at this point was a time capsule into my teenage years I had long grown out of. The paint had actually began to chip off from the walls – that’s how outdated we’re talking. If my walls could speak, surely they’d ask for a fresh coat of paint. My space was begging for an overhaul.

But the restrictions in place meant that the paint job and bulky furniture shopping had to be put off till later. I had to get creative with what little I could get my hands on online. Along the way, I learnt that little changes go a long way in revamping a space. For starters, I Marie Kondo-ed my entire room. But rather than ask if a particular item sparked joy, I found it more useful to contemplate if I had reached for the item in question in the past year. If I haven’t, chances are, I wasn’t going to need it and into the bin it went.

Following the deep cleanse came time to refresh the scenery with decorative bits and bobs. Urban Outfitter‘s lifestyle section was a hidden trove of homeware finds from which I copped a rug and organisational storage units. To distract from the hideous pink walls, I introduced prints from Society6. Unlike the hefty price tags that come with most artworks, Society6’s curation of prints is an affordable alternative if you, like me, are on the lookout for a temporary fix or if you, also like me, are fickle and enjoy switching up your art ever so often. It was also perfect timing that a friend kick-started her quarantine project of DIY foam mirrors. On the day of the drop, I swooped up a big #selfie-appropriate mirror – priorities, am I right?

Lastly, followed the finishing touches: switching out my bed sheets and curtains. Local, ethically produced organic bed sheets from Sojao saved me from the eyesore that were my old sheets. Given that my bed occupied a fair share of real estate in my room, changing the sheets made for a prominent visual shift in the room. For curtains, I went with plain linen ones through which the sunlight would stream in every morning. Quite the sight to wake up to every morning – one that would transport me to a resort in Bali.

Adding up all the expenses, the overhaul set me back by about $500 – money well-spent considering the sheer amount of time I’ve been spending in my room of late. It’s still a work in progress but I’m very optimistic about where this is headed.

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