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Summer’s Not Over But Loewe Has Us Dreaming of the Next

And all the armcandy we're going to be packing with us on our tropical vacation.

In the last couple of months, we’ve all had to navigate life in ways we never have before. With Miss Rona on her extended world tour, the rest of us have been quite literally backed into a corner. Although quarantine has been gradually lifted in most places across the globe, travel is very much still out of the question and gatherings of large groups could very well be a petri dish for Miss Rona.

Adjusting to this new normal has meant migrating real life interactions to the digital space. Zoom conferences, video calls, Netflix parties, we’ve been all sorts of creative with tiding through quarantine. In the fashion realm, runway presentations have had to follow suite. Designers have had to adapt their showings to digital formats. Last week, we experienced couture week from the comfort of our homes – the first-ever to take place remotely. By the end of which, we found ourselves counting down to the days when collections could return to the runway.

Next up: the Spring/Summer 2021 menswear collections. If it were up to us, we’d declare summer this year pretty much cancelled. On second thought, scratch that, we’d declare 2020 cancelled on the whole. If you weren’t already looking forward to the summer ahead, Jonathan Anderson’s Spring/Summer 2021 menswear collection and women’s Spring/Summer 2021 precollection at Loewe will give you every reason to. While most designers have concerned themselves with decorating an online space to showcase their collections in lieu of presentations in the flesh, Anderson has taken an entirely different route.

Craftsmanship has long been at the core of Anderson’s work at Loewe and with the latest collection, the designer has proven that not even a global pathogen can strip that away. In place of show invites, what came in the mail was an ubiquitous grey box that opened to reveal an index of 12 dividers. Each divider, a step in the way of bringing the collection to life. From fabric swatches to the sound of Loewe’s factory captured on a vinyl record, Anderson’s show-goers were presented a view of the collection that was as intimate if not even more personal than that of a runway presentation.

Coming to the ready-to-wear and accessories. Loewe’s collection of carryall never disappoint. The artfully woven rattan, hand-stitched pieces of leather and the intricacies of intertwined rope – it always gets us. This season, no different. If we had it our way, we’d want one of each carryall but if we had to pick, the woven leather pineapple is one we’d love to have on our arms when we finally, finally go on that long overdue vacation. For now, we’d kick back with the therapeutic video of the carryall coming to life in the hands of an artisan on loop.

Scroll through the gallery above for the collection’s entire line-up of jaw-droppers we could stare at forever.

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