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The Future Takes on a Maximalist Outlook at Louis Vuitton

Looking into Nicolas Ghesquière's crystal ball, the post-pandemic future is of grand wardrobe displays.

After months and months of hanging in limbo over the state of the world, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight. As the clouds clear, the optimism, too, has evidently returned to the runways. At Louis Vuitton, this meant dreaming about the future again.

“Since we are all in a motionless situation, we have to double our imagination of inventing an extraordinary journey,” explained Nicolas Ghesquière in an interview with Vogue. While travel may have come to a temporary halt, there’s no stopping Ghesquière from traversing back in history to inform the manner of dressing for the future.

This season, he took his model set to the Louvre where they paraded in the midst of ancient Roman, Etruscan, and Greek sculptures – the season’s inanimate audience. A fitting scene, given the season’s collaboration with Italian design atelier Fornasetti. The atelier’s archetypal antique illustrations were rendered as prints on the ready-to-wear separates just as they were on the season’s carryalls.

The splendour of the bygone era also extended to the collection’s voluminous silhouettes and high octane embellishments. Ghesquière did not hold back. Where it lacked in volume, he made up for in shine and pattern. Elsewhere, panelled skirts too brought us back in time to the uniform of ancient Roman gladiators. Despite cherry-picked from a range of historical epochs, it all came together to set the dress code of the future.

And according to the house of Vuitton, these weren’t conservative considerations of wardrobe essentials anymore – save for, perhaps, the varying light denim jeans and tailored numbers sprinkled throughout the looks. These were clothes that screamed the party’s here – or at the very least, approaching.

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