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This Year’s Met Gala Being Postponed Has Us Feeling Nostalgic

Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on.

The first Monday of May has officially been postponed indefinitely and it’s real tears I’m shedding. We did see this one coming when the Metropolitan Museum itself had announced earlier this month that it would be closing its doors “until further notice”. Wishful thinking, however, had me still pinning onto hope that the Met Gala would go on as planned. That dream was short-lived.

This year’s Met Gala theme was “About Time: Fashion and Duration” , a concept inspired by the 1992 film “Orlando” (an adaptation of Virgina Woolf’s novel of the same name). “There’s a wonderful scene, in which Tilda Swinton enters the maze in an 18th century woman’s robe à la Francaise, and as she runs through it her clothes change to mid-19th century dress, and she re-emerges in 1850s England. That’s where the original idea came from,” revealed Andrew Bolton, curator of the Costume Institute in an interview with Vogue UK. Given the theme, it was only appropriate that fashion’s man of the future, Nicolas Ghesquière was due to co-chair the event alongside Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone and of course, Anna Wintour.

Now that the fate of fashion’s big night out hangs in the air and I may or may not ever know which fashion icon’s past Kim Kardashian would have taken a leaf out of – I had my bets on Cher and Naomi Campbell – or which decapitated body part Jared Leto might bring as his plus one, looking back at some of Met Gala’s best moments is about as much as I can do.

If you, like me, are going through the five stages of grief right about now, scroll through the gallery for some of the stunners that have left us gaping in awe. Which ones are your favourite?

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