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Outfit Inspo to Get You Out of The Sweatpants You’ve Been Living In

Take it from the "It" girls of Instagram, #WFH can look a whole lot better than sweaters and sweatpants.

To get dressed or not? That is the question that drifts into my consciousness every morning. On the days I have a Zoom meeting scheduled, I haul myself out of bed to look like a semi-decent human being. Facing anyone who does not reside in the same home (and the delivery man) serves as an impetus to put myself together – if not entirely, at least from the waist up. It’s boardroom up top and bedroom down below. It’s only half the effort but it’s as far as I have gotten in dressing up for work from home.

As much as I value the comfort of my sweatpants and pyjamas, there’s a part of me deep down within that misses the purpose putting on pants gives my days. They say shoes transform your attitude and body language, I’ve come to realise the same applies to clothes. Your body knows. You sit a little straighter when you have a shirt on. Cross your legs like a lady in trousers. Taking these visual cues, your mind too switches to work mode. Your bed might be staring at you from the corner of your room but its allure none too tempting as you enter the zone. Clothes maketh the man and the manner.

Being confined to your home, at some point the days start to meld into one. Have you caught yourself wondering what time of the day it is or what day of the week it is? For the workaholics amongst us, switching in and out of attires doubles up as a reminder to hit pause for the day. When it comes down to it, you don’t quite need a reason to get dressed for the day. It’s an instant mood and productivity booster so why the hell not? Also, that mirror #selfie is calling out to you! Take it from the Instagram ‘It’ girls, #WFH could be lookin’ a whole lot better than an oversized t-shirt and raggedy shorts.

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