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Prada’s Latest Menswear Collection Has Us Wanting to Borrow From the Boys

From leg-baring playsuits to matchy-matchy skort and tank top combinations, there's plenty that caught our eye at Prada's Spring 2022 menswear showing.

Let’s go to the beach-each, let’s go get a wave. Presented on film (as is the new normal of late) Prada’s Spring’ 22 outing was an elusive journey to the beach. The nearly six-minute-long video begins in an inconspicuous tunnel – a utopia within red walls, devoid of much else.

Clad in leg-barring rompers, floral hoodies, and matchy-matchy tank top and skort separates, the menswear parade marched towards the light at the end of the tunnel where a pristine beach with glistening waters awaited. It all felt like a projection of reality. After months and months of living in isolation within the confines of our home, we’re finally inching towards a return to life as it once was pre-Miss Rona.

“The primary feeling is one of joy. It’s almost like that memory of a child, the joy of a child going to the beach. The simplest and most honest of pleasures. In all its simpleness, it’s also something very meaningful and timeless,” explained Raf Simons.

It’s the little things. The clothing itself spoke distinctively of vaycay wear, accessories included. Printed bucket hats bearing the identifiable triangle logo, nautical motifs reminiscent of prints from Prada’s Fall ’16 collection, and reinvented duffle bags…Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons most certainly had the practicality that travel demands in mind.

Speaking of which, while the collection falls under the menswear category, we can see ourselves in so many of the looks you bet we’d be borrowing from the boys. Don’t mind if we do!

Scroll through the gallery above for all the looks on our extensive wishlist.

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