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Recreate Fun Eye Makeup Looks that Are Instant Mood Lifters

Because what else is there to do really?

Walking into any Sephora outlet, no matter which part of the world, is a makeup enthusiast’s adult-equivalent of taking a trip to the candy store. The endless rows of saccharine hues! Glitter! Iridescent boxes gleaming under the light! Everything you want but don’t need (and did not come with the intention of purchasing) calls out your name. Try as you might, temptation has probably won you over time and again. Can you count the number of times you have left the store with far more than you had set out to purchase? Me neither.

The green eyeliner you once picked up to channel Kendall Jenner; the smokey eyeshadow palette you thought would come in handy on nights out; and the funky pods of pigment you wanted to experiment with. Have they all been sitting pretty on your vanity (mostly) untouched?

Now that you’re bored in the house and you’re in the house bored with an entire stash of not-so-everyday makeup, it’s the golden opportunity to put it to work. Makeup takes practice, which you now have all the time in the world for. If you, unlike a fervent beauty junkie, don’t quite have a problem with self-restraint, experimenting with what you have can still be a whole lotta fun. There’s so much more you could do with an eyeliner than the stereotypical wing. And also, perhaps it’s time to consider making a dent on the bright, bold colours in your palette you have kept a safe distance from.

If face masks were to become a thing of an everyday uniform, it’s all the more reasons to work on that bold, head-turning eye makeup. For starters, you could look to the Instagram-famous Ruthie Barone for inspiration. The makeup artist’s entire feed is a treasure trove of bold, joy-inducing eye looks. It will have you thinking about using makeup in ways that might have never crossed your mind. Cow prints on the eyelid? Beads around the eyes? Glitter on glitter on glitter? It’ll make one happy just looking at it!

Which of the following looks will you be wearing on your grocery store runs? Oh, and, don’t skip on the eyelid primer, you’ll be needing it to keep your eye(rt) well-preserved throughout the day.

Go Wild With Colour

This is the part where you reach for the colours in your eyeshadow palette which you’ve barely made a dent in. Recreate the same look in an array of blue, yellow, purple…it’s all yours to decide!

Throw a Glitter Party

It’s going to be awhile before you attend an actual party but that doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed for one. Outline a geometric shape and pile on the glitter inside. The more glitter, the better! Pro tip: mark out the corners with makeup tape to really nail that shape. 

Wingin’ It

There’s so much more you can do with an eyeliner than you normally would. If you approached the eyeliner like you would a pen, the shapes and lines you could create are endless. Get the creative juices flowing! Executing the cow print on the eye could be rather daunting. Follow Barone’s lead in her tutorial.

Take the Eyeshadow Beyond

You don’t always need an eyeliner to create a winged look. For a softer effect, drag out the eyeshadow and it’d do just the job. Glitter is entirely optional here, you could attempt this look with a shimmery or matte shadow. Again, makeup tape is your best friend!

Into the Gloss

Think beyond the glittery, the matte, the shiny that you’re so used to having in your makeup routine and you’d land on the glossy. The wet eyelid look is a cheatsheet to looking like you have put far more thought into your eye look than you really actually did. Go from drab to fab with a few dabs of gloss!

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