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Spotted on the Runway: A Micro Bag So Small, It’s a Necklace

If you didn't know what to do with micro bags before, you do now.

Going into 2020, we made some very bold claims about leaving the micro bags behind in the year before. Teeny, tiny purses were due for retirement from the runways – or so, we thought. Since that Jacquemus bag broke the internet, the micro bag trend has returned every season after in various reincarnations. The bag-on-bag; the belt bag; and now: the bag-lace.

Mind you, these aren’t anything like the neck bags your dad wore on family vacations. For one, you can’t quite fit anything in these Barbie-doll sized sacs. But who’s thinking functionality when it packs enough character to more than make up for it? It’s a cookie accessory that’s a great conversation filler in-between awkward pauses, it’s a picture opportunity for the ‘gram, and overall, a statement piece to layer with. After all, it’s long-standing practice to immortalise house icons as jewellery and handbags, fit the bill.

The naysayers might contest but the best things do come in small packages and we have the runways to back our case. At Jacquemus, the birthplace of micro bags, carryalls were further shrunken to itty bitty sizes as charms on necklaces and earrings. So small, we wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t even noticed. At this point, it’s seemingly a challenge Jacquemus takes on season after season – just how much smaller can I go with a micro bag?

Elsewhere, at Chanel, where the accessory department never (and we mean, never) disappoints, super-mini versions of its iconic carryalls made their way down the runway worn around models’ necks. From the fabrications of the bag down to the chain every detail replicated down to the T, it was quite literally a case of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Alongside Chanel and Jacquemus, Hermès too added to its accessory lineup with a Birkin long necklace crafted in rose gold and silver.

From the looks of it, we’re reinstating micro bags as a trend to have and to wear in the next year. We can’t get over just how cute they are, anyway.

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