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10 Eco-Friendly Alternatives You Can Ditch the Disposables for

Doing your bid for our dear gaia does not have to be in the form of drastic measures. You gotta crawl before you walk.

In the past couple of months, you might have had better luck finding a needle in a haystack than an inkling of optimism in the news. Another day, another death toll report, another protest, another opinion piece on the impending doom and gloom in the months ahead. Amidst the somberness, one particular headliner brought some much needed cheer. After 1o years of trying, giant pandas who reside at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park were reported to have mated at long last. The news broke the Internet. The world rejoiced. Finally, some good had come out of covid-19 and the consequential global shut down of public spaces.

With humans cooped up indoors, mother nature has shown signs of recovering. Coyotes have been spotted on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, deer grazing a few miles from the White House in Washington, pigs reigning supreme in Barcelona. The air has cleared up, revealing the snow-capped Himalayan mountain range for the first time in a very long time. It was all very telling of the extent to which we, collectively, as a human race have ruined the environment.

With reports of nature thriving in the absence of humans, the topic of sustainability has yet again bubbled up to the surface. If a few months of human inactivity was all it took for our dear gaia to show signs of flourishing, can you imagine the effect of collective, long-term effort?

Earlier this week, as part of her Instagram live stream series, Yoyo sat down with Emily Lam to chat about all things related to going green. Lam, the founder of Hong Kong’s Eco Drive initiative spilt the wisdom on moving towards a sustainable future. The key takeaway: all it takes is baby steps! Hardly anyone goes from zero to Captain Planet in a day, week or even months. For beginners, you can start small by swapping some of what you use everyday for alternatives that still get the job done but with far less impact on the environment. Hop on the anti-plastic straw revolution! Carry a reusable bottle with you when you’re on the move! Replace your plastic toothbrush for a wooden one!

Ethique Bliss Face Cleanser Bar

J.R.Ligette’s Jojoba & Peppermint Shampoo Bar

Face Halo Game-Changing Makeup Remover

Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste

The Humble Co. Toothbrush

Bamboo Travel Cutlery Sets With Straws

Smoothie Straws With Cleaning Brush

Swell Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bag

Bee’s Wrap


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