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The Beauty Edit of Local, Independent Businesses #KULALA Supports

From purveyors of all-natural skincare to personalised beauty solutions, we have rounded up some of our favourites from the local beauty scene.

If you’ve stuck around this space, you’re probably already familiar with the #KULALASupports column where we shed the spotlight on a running list of local, independent businesses. If you haven’t, here’s a quick refresh. To kick things off, we featured the fashion edit – a lineup of clothing and leather goods labels born out of the little red dot for your add-to-cart consideration. Next, moving onto the realm of beauty, we’ve curated a selection of homegrown skincare brands you need to have on your radar.

While most of us might have grown accustomed to luxurious French beauty or swear by the ways of Korean skincare, the local beauty realm has its fair share of outstanding offerings. From ones that embrace natural ingredients to others that are purveyors of personalised skincare solutions, we’ve compiled some of our favourites. If your go-to local beauty brand didn’t make it on our list, let us know in the comments below!


Alche{me} is a beauty brand founded on the believe that skincare is truly personal. Built to cater to individual needs, each bottle is carefully concocted for the precise skincare needs of an individual. Unlike the stereotypical click and add-to-cart process, every purchase at Alche{me} starts with an online consultation to gain an insight into one’s skin needs and goals. Only then is a range of products is then recommended to set one on their path to achieving their ideal complexion. A game-changer in the local beauty industry, Alche{me} entirely eliminates the trial and error that often entails purchasing skincare online. To further set your mind at ease, Alche{me} also offers a reformulation guarantee if its personalised products trigger your skin. You’re in safe hands!


If you swear by clean beauty, FrankSkincare is very much up your alley. Only made with ingredients that are 100 percent natural, non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), organic and paraben-free, FrankSkincare holds the integrity of its all-natural skincare products at the core of its brand. Taking it a step further, the purveyors of organic skincare keep their production batches to small quantities to preserve nothing but the best quality of each product. And there’s more to love – adding on to its roster of exemplary practices, FrankSkincare also takes a firm stand against animal testing. Our hearts!

Sigi Skin

When it comes to building a beauty routine, it’s really about figuring out what works for your skin. While piling on the products works for some, a pared down skincare routine achieves the best results for others. The beauty philosophy at Sigi Skin leans towards the latter. Manufactured in Korea, the motherland of skincare, Sigi Skin’s products are the result of cutting-edge technological innovations and formulation techniques. Holding onto the believe that an elaborate beauty routine is entirely arbitrary, Sigi Skin vouches instead for a simplified skincare routine made with honest ingredients.  Take it from a burgeoning voice of authority in the local beauty scene, easy does it.

Allies of Skin

Even if you weren’t well-versed with the local beauty scene, you might have at some point seen or heard of Allies of Skin. We’ve been fans of the brand for years now and we’ve even sat down with the brand’s founder for a chat on all things skincare-related. Allies of Skin is all about “adaptogenic” skincare. To put it simply, this essentially means products packed with goodness from which the skin can take what it needs. At Allies of Skin, its range of fuss-free products work towards a simplified beauty routine without skimping on the skincare benefits.

Skin Inc

Skin Inc is unlike any other in the local beauty arena. Distinguishing itself by cutting edge technology, Skin Inc’s range of products extend from skin care to beauty gadgets – a winning combination for flawless skin. With the extensive lineup of UV light treatment devices, Skin Inc essentially makes dermatologist-grade treatments available to you in the comfort of your own home. The best part – these are masks you can have on while you go about your chores or as you sit at your work desk glued to the screen!

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