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Welcome to Casa Loewe

The first of its kind in Southeast Asia, Casa Loewe unites art, design and fashion under one roof.

Enter the Casa Loewe Singapore boutique – a 340-square metre space nestled at the heart of the city’s bustling shopping belt within which resides the complete Loewe experience. Echoing Jonathan Anderson’s approach to luxury, the store is in equal parts a visual feast for the eyes and a lesson in design at every turn.

Where do we even begin? Blush pink concrete walls accentuated by antique chandeliers, a traditional ceramic wall of the same hue handpainted in Spain, iconic Utrecht armchairs flanked by striking Conoid Cushion chairs set atop John Allen’s bright woven carpets – the extensive lineup curated by the designer wunderkind himself.

There’s plenty to see and shop, including Loewe’s full range of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, accessories, jewellery, and it’s newly launched line of home fragrances. A dedicated pop-up space also resides within the store where exclusive capsule collections will take centre stage alongside the brand’s multitude of artistic endeavours.

We’ve already made a mental note to pop by the Casa Loewe boutique the next time we’re out and about in town. You?

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