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What Exactly Is Skin Resurfacing?

We dive into the A to Z of this skincare jargon.

It’s mind-boggling. The sheer amount of skincare products on beauty shelves. The categories, the jargons, the never-ending options, it can all be really overwhleming. The basic skincare products are pretty self-explanatory. Cleansers, toners, serums, masks…those we’re well acquainted with. But anything beyond that sends us into a frenzy.

Acids for the face?! Would it actually burn my eyebrows off? Face oils…do those clog the pores? It’s one thing today, and another tomorrow. How does one even keep up? Dr. Google certainly helps but sometimes, we go digging a little deeper. Especially when we do see a skincare trend become the talk about town. We’re naturally curious.

Of late, we’ve seen multiple launches of skin resurfacing products – enough to believe that we’re onto something here. A quick Google search will have you know that skin resurfacing is often associated with chemical treatments you get done at the dermatologist. As the name suggests, treatments of that sort remove the layer of dead, damaged skin on the surface. The benefits are said to be aplenty from reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores to improving the skin’s texture and boosting radiance, it essentially resurfaces a “new” layer of skin.

Skin resurfacing products you can get off the counter are essentially a milder version of the medical-grade treatments. A chemical exfoliant that’s safe for use at home. The results are gradual but still very much noticeable. Earlier this year, we popped our skin resurfacing cherry with U Beauty’s Skin Resurfacing Compound. The internet wasn’t lying – we were thoroughly impressed by its effect the morning after. Typically, skin resurfacing serums tend to be multi-taskers. That means your regular skincare routine gets a trim and you’d still wake up with a skin glo’ up. It’s like you visited the skin doctor in your sleep!

We haven’t tried them all but we have heard glowing reviews about Kora Organics Noni Night AHA Resurfacing Serum, Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Serum, and Kate Somerville’s Liquid Exfolikate Triple Acid Resurfacing Treatment. Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

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